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About me

I’m a mechanical engineer striving to provide perfection in structural steel drawing and drafting services. My absolute priority is staying on schedule, meeting the deadlines and offering very competitive prices.

Who am I

My name is Boris and I use a 3D modeling software to draw and draft various steel structures. My services are based on erection plans, fabrication of shop drawings and details for every connections. I do commercial and industrial steel buildings that follow clients’ customized standards while maintaining the guidelines set by AISC. I have experience with Australian and European standards too.

Software used:


What I do

I cooperate with many engineer subcontractors who give me detailed guidance on the project and the standards that are being used. I maintain constant communication with structural engineers, architects and other people involved in the project, so I can get all the current, necessary information and stay updated. I always do my best to deliver cost-effective solutions with outstanding expertise and professional engagement, in addition to providing excellent customer service.

Standard used:



I provide the whole range of detailing services for all types of steel work needed for both industrial and commercial structures.

Structural Steel Detailing

I provide:

Erection plan drawings;

Fabrication shop drawings;

Connection details;

Single part drawings…

Structural Calculations

I provide structural calculations for:

Moment connections;

Single plate connections;

Double angle connections;

Braces connections…

My latest projects

Are you ready to start a cooperation?


Some of my projects

Contact Me

You can contact me for any questions about my work. 

Email:      b.nacic.steel@gmail.com